Welcome to Bees Nees Newtownards

Breakfast Club

Available daily throughout term time 8.30am -9.00am. A selection of Cereal and toast to start your day. Age group 3 years and upwards.

Pre Pre-School

Pre Pre-school sessions are based on developing children’s personal, social and emotional skills in an age appropriate environment.


Pre-School Playgroup offer 26 funded places provided by the Department of Education and follow the 6 areas of the NI Pre-school Curriculum.

Out of School

Our out of school service operates 2-6pm daily and our friendly staff can cover collections from all schools in the Newtownards area.

Why Bees Nees Early Years

With over 30 years collective experience in the child care
world, we give you peace of mind that your child’s personal wellbeing and development is building for a better future.

Classroom Facilities

Our Pre-school Playgroup provides an extensive lending library scheme to foster a young child’s interest in early reading.

We have a fantastic outdoor play space with a large Climbing frame, Mud Kitchen, Builders yard and a variety of equipment to ensure children enjoy exercise daily.

Highly qualified staff with a ratio of 1 – 6 children and inspected annually by Social Services and every five years by ETI (Education & Training Inspectorate).

Indoor Play Areas

Our indoor play areas are designed to give the home away from home feeling to our children.  Their happiness is paramount.  We want them to want to come.  We have everything from knights and castles, to princesses and beaches, to life on the ocean wave.  It’s all about letting them explore and imagine.

For older children we have an extensive library of books and also access to technology including tablets and laptops and games consoles.

Outdoor Play Areas

Our outdoor areas are completely safe from the outside environment and over a wide range of activities and toys.

Your child will sleep after a day with us.  We have climbing frames, sand play pits, bicycles, scooters, huts and dens and much more.

There is something for everyone boys or girls.

Friends Forever

We are all about relationships. We are a social animal. Children come to us from all of the different schools in Newtownards and the surrounding areas.  We like to think of ourselves as a hub for learning social interaction.

Just have a look at the different uniforms.  We teach our children to work together, play together and to understand one another.


Our staff endeavour to provide a home from home environment and children have the opportunity to develop their skills and understanding in everything from IT to dexterity.  This is done through structured play. We have a range of activities designed to maximise the learning in every activity.  We find children learn best when they are not thinking about it and enjoying themselves.

The centre has a range of  tablets and laptops and games consoles enabling children to explore technology in a safe environment as well as a range of more traditional learning tool.

Your children’s education and welfare are our main priorities

Our Results Speak for themsleves!

We are supported by CAPS (Curriculum & Programme Support) as our independent early years’ specialists.

Children carry activity bags throughout their preschool year. These have proved very popular and allow for informal learning to continue within the home environment.

We have a fantastic outdoor play space with a large Climbing frame, Mud Kitchen, Builders yard and a variety of equipment to ensure children enjoy exercise daily.

Voted OUTSTANDING by our local Curriculum Support Authority (CAPS)

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